'Ala Lani Bath and Body is a Maui based, family owned company.


How Our Products are Made

We use a large variety of Hawaiian organic ingredients. Using pure essential oils and fragrant aromas we have created bath and body treatments for many resort spas to address various aspects of personal wellbeing.


About Our Company
We are passionate about creating products that awaken the senses and envelope your body in tropical delight. Using fine ground salts and sugars mixed with a generous quantity of rich tropical oils, Hawaiian honey, organic Hawaiian herbs, herbal extracts, and essential oils, our scrubs feel luxurious and soothing while working to exfoliate and produce smooth, soft skin. The enduring fragrances of our body treatments will continue to enchant your senses for hours.

Here on the island of Maui, we are surrounded by the exotic. The incredible abundance of fruits and flowers, the rain forest and the ocean, these are our inspiration. Hawaii could never be packaged, but we try to capture its essence in all of our products. Our philosophy is simple. Everything we craft must feel incredible, leave you feeling wonderful, and must smell…heavenly. Whether at the spa or at home, we hope you love our products as much as we do.

About our Founder
Every product at ‘Ala Lani Bath & Body is personally formulated by founder, Holly Engelmann, who’s passion for creating spa products and treatments began nearly 30 years ago. While running her first successful entrepreneurial venture as an electrologist, she continued her education and became a licensed massage therapist and esthetician. It was during this time that she also she began her lifelong study of aromatherapy and discovered her talent for creating spa products. While giving treatments in her office she would often create personalized products for clients’ specific needs. Holly moved to Maui in 1999, working in the spa industry and gaining valuable first-hand insights into what makes treatments successful. During this time, she would often create spa products for her co-workers. The massage therapists loved her creations and urged her to start selling them. This led to the founding of ‘Ala Lani Bath & Body in 2002. Since that time Holly has continued her education by taking extensive coursework in Hawaiian medicinal herbs and incorporates this knowledge into her ever-growing portfolio of new products and spa treatments. Today, Holly continues to educate herself and loves creating new products and treatments more than ever.

Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa!